2011: Love us? Hate us? SpeakUpUVA.com | UVA Student Council

Fellow Hoos, for those of you who are done with finals, I hope you’re enjoying your break.  Make sure to enjoy it a little extra for those of us who are destined to have finals every semester on the last day (myself).  So I’ve only been the Engineering School Representative for a few months, and man, have I got some exciting updates for you!

Most pertinent to us Engi-nerds is our most treasured study spot, STACKS.  At one of our general body meetings (which everyone should come to at some point, definitely should be on the list of things to do before you graduate), your fellow SEAS Reps introduce a bill that was passed stating Student Council’s continued support in our endeavors, as we plan on renovating it.  Also, the Engineering school gained one more representative spot in Student Council since we are growing (maybe one day we’ll have as many reps as the college).

I’ve also been part of the Student Life Committee, which has been doing a TON of things to make our lives easier.  Ever forget headphones at the library and been frustrated that you have to listen to that annoying kid next to you talk?  I know I have; now you can check them out at the libraries.  For all you out-of-staters and international students, we hear you, because now UVAirBus goes to Dulles!  Bringing back Homecomings was a great way to engage the student body and I hope that everyone enjoyed the cookout and game and winning as much as I did.

Anyways, I should probably go back to studying for my test.  Please come to office hours next semester and hang out with me (I will let ya’ll know when they are).  Hope you guys are super enjoying break!

StudCo Love – Bing 🙂 <3