Howdy, Students!

We are Community Affairs, and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome new students to UVA! We hope that your first two weeks of school have been filled with a lot of fun.

To keep introductions brief, the Community Affairs Committee is manned by the unit “Proberson”, which consists of 2nd-year Spanish Major Jeff Roberson, and 3rd-year Media Studies major Paige Curtis.

To keep blog posts brief, there are two things that we would like to tell you. They’re both very important.

1.) It is September 6th. Evening. This means that you only have one more day to apply to a Student Council Committee! This can be such a fun and fulfilling way to get more involved on grounds. We’re dying to meet you!

2.) Over the summer, the Student Life and Community Affairs Committees have been hard at work on a pamphlet that summarizes things upperclassmen wish they had known when they were first years. Though this is geared especially towards first years and transfer students, we hope everyone can use this guide as a resource to better enjoy time at UVA. Check out the guide at:

Okay, recap: apply to Student Council; check out

Feel free to contact us at anytime over the year if you have a concern, great idea, or just want to say hi. We really like it when people say hi.