A Reason To Give Thanks | UVA Student Council

Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, but even the day specially set aside to give thanks often seems wrapped up in the anticipation of the Christmas season and exam time. I’m okay with that. I’m fascinated by the entire aura surrounding the holiday season and every celebration it entails. It’s the giving season. (And, exams, of course, are something we all just seem to push through.)

A big goal of the Community Affairs Committee has been sustaining the “thanks” and making a concerted effort to get into the spirit of giving year-round. This year, we successfully thanked U.Va. dining staff for their commitment to students during the year, and our firefighters and policemen for keeping us safe.

One of my favorite “thank-you’s” this year was when our committee chose to donate tickets to the Homecomings football game against Georgia Tech to the Bank of America for their support of U.Va. and Paint the Corner Orange. The employees were so grateful of the gesture, a response that I sincerely hope this committee can foster many more times before the end of the spring semester.

Next semester, Community Affairs is looking forward to bringing you brand new initiatives. We are in the midst of beginning a dress drive — an initiative that I hope you will hear about shortly. In addition, we are looking to partner with downtown Charlottesville and plan a collaborative event between U.Va. and the city. It would be exciting to see an event that creates more meaningful relationships between students and area residents.

As we embark on the next few weeks at home with time to relax and reflect, consider your personal reasons to give thanks, and (even better!) how you can sustain that gratitude throughout the year. In light of the tragedy at Virginia Tech, I don’t believe it’s ever too cliché to say “life is too short.” Write a letter. Make a phone call. Send an email. The simplest of gestures can make a huge difference in someone’s life who continually does good.

And as always, let us know how we can help.