A Semester in Review | UVA Student Council

First of all, the Academic Affairs Committee wishes you good luck with studying and your upcoming finals.

This has been a busy semester. We offered five student-led courses (CavEd) this Fall and we are offering seven in the Spring. Although almost all of the classes are full for the Spring, you can still find them under Interdisciplinary Studies, listed as INST 1550.

This semester we also began to work towards creating a Student Council website that posts information and evaluations about classes and teachers. This site would hopefully be a more reliable “Course Forum” with more data available to students. Stay on the lookout for updates on the website in the Spring.

Coming up in March is Look Hoos Talking. Look Hoos Talking is a forum, similar to TedTalks, where eight professors share their most striking ideas. The only catch is that each professor is only allowed twelve minutes to speak. We are in the process of tallying the nominations to see what professors will speak. If you have not yet nominated a professor, please do so here.

Additionally, we know a lot of students have brought up academic advising as an important issue. This Spring we are planning to tackle this issue by hosting a forum with both administrators and students.

On behalf of the entire Academic Affairs Committee, we hope that you enjoy your break. We are excited about all that we have planned for the Spring.