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White Paper Report 2014-2015

+ Meet the Chairs: Natalia Kazakevich and Daniel Ng

Natalia KazakevichNatalia Kazakevich

Natalia Kazakevich has been involved in Student Council since her first year and has loved every part of it. In the past, she was a member of the Academic Affairs Committee, organizing Look Hoos Talking, First Year First Week, and other initiatives throughout the year. She is really looking forward to her time as chair on Public Service committee and connecting UVA students with more community partners. She also loves cooking and trying new foods, playing tennis, and spending time outside.

Comm ’16

Daniel Ng

Daniel Ng is a third year from West Windsor, New Jersey majoring in Anthropology and Global Development Studies. He is excited to work with the Public Service Committee to open up space for more critical engagement with service on Grounds – encouraging dialogue between students, faculty, and community members and offering further support to existing CIOs in their service endeavors. Besides Student Council, Daniel also serves on the editorial board of The Oculus, which is the Undergraduate Research Network’s interdisciplinary research journal and volunteers at the Haven day shelter. He enjoys playing tennis, spending summers in Bangladesh, and eating really spicy foods.

Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 9pm in the StudCo Offices, 164

The Public Service Committee aims to promote an active civic life at the University of Virginia. Public service exists in many forms, and the committee hopes to provide opportunities for incoming and current students to learn about and connect to the many venues of public service. In addition, the committee hopes to create spaces for the critical exploration of public service within the University community, Charlottesville and beyond.

Want to submit a flyer/help requests to the Public Service Committee? Use this email to send along great ideas for how the Public Service Committee can help you!


Beki San

Recent News & Updates:

Current Committee initiatives include:

  • Helping Publicize EngageUVA: sent to thousands of students every week, with the upcoming week’s lectures, events and opportunities related to public service at UVA and within the Charlottesville community. Email to join the list serve or sign up online here!  The newsletter now goes out to over 2,500 people (students, faculty, staff, and community members)!
  • Student Council’s Public Service Spotlight: Read about selfless students in the Cavalier Daily! The Public Service Spotlight recognizes outstanding students for their commitment to actively engaging others in the community and for bettering the University community and beyond. Know someone who deserves to be spotlighted? Nominate them here! Spotlight articles run every Monday in the Cavalier Daily. Check out all of the spotlights here.
    • The Learning in Action public service website – our website is the hub for public service opportunities at the University.  This website is the place to find out more about existing organizations on grounds and in the community, events, public service classes, and much more. If you’re a public service organization that wants to advertise for an event you’re having, submit your event here and the site will post it! Send us ideas for the site and suggestions for websites we link to our site, by contacting us at


Past initiatives include:


  • OrganizedService Fest in the fall (of 2010, 800 students came out!, and 2011) to bring together all public service student organizations to meet and share opportunities with all interested students.
  • Different Paths to Public Service Panel: This was held in Jefferson Hall, on Wednesday October 27th, 2010 at 5:00 PM to inform students about more ways to get involved in Public Service. Six students spoke of their experiences in the public service framework, within UVa and the community and we discussed what public service means to students, and how we can actively integrate public service within the classroom.There was a potluck-style reception afterwards.
  • Hosted a Greek Philanthropy Dinner in the Colonnade Club on February 23, 2010 from 6-8pm.
  • Hosted a CIO Meet and Greet on October 5, 2011 from 5pm-6pm in the Commonwealth Room of Newcomb Hall.  We met with various public service organizations on grounds to have an open discussion about ways the Public Service Committee can help advertise events, and suggestions for successful events and ways to get students involved in their organizations mission.