Student Life

White Paper Report 2014-2015

+ Meet the Chairs: Poorva Singhal + Dan Barr

Poorva Singhal

Poorva Singhal

Hello! I’m a rising third-year from Ashburn, VA majoring in Commerce. Apart from Student Council, I am an active member of Delta Gamma as well as “Sharaara” the all girl competitive Indian dance team. In my free time I enjoy spending time on the corner and lawn with my peers, participating in outdoor activities, and attending events around grounds. I’m very excited to be a participating leader in the impact that Student Council is going to have this upcoming year, and I can’t wait to improve the student experience on grounds!

College ’16

Dan BarrDan Barr

Hey guys! I’m a third year from Fairfax, VA doing an interdisciplinary major in Bioethics. I am also involved on grounds with Alpha Phi Omega, I am the Technical Director for First Year Players, and I am a site leader for Alternative Spring Break. In my free time, I like to hike and kayak around the Charlottesville area, watch movies, and nap. I’m really excited to work together with my peers to make an impact at our university.

College ’16


Meeting Time: TBD

The Student Life Committee shall be responsible for addressing issues and concerns pertaining to general student needs, such as housing, dining facilities, transportation, library facilities, or parking.

Recent News & Updates:

Past Committee initiatives include:

  • Reduce textbook prices
  • UVAirBus: providing transportation to Charlottesville and Richmond Airports.
  • Improve dining options at the Pav
  • Voice student opinions regarding Newcomb Renovations
  • Extend library hours during exams


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