Vice President for Administration

“The Vice-President for Administration shall serve as Chief Operations Officer of the Council, and shall oversee the Council’s internal management and operations, including its finances, property, information technology, communications, publicity, and services.” -Student Council Constitution

Schuyler “Sky” Miller

Sky Miller

Sky Miller is a Fourth Year in the College of Arts and Sciences who has dedicated much of his time to Student Council since the start of his time at UVA. Before being elected Student Council Vice President for Administration, Sky co-chaired the Academic Affairs Committee for two years. The committee put on a University-wide event called Look Hoos Talking, sponsored student-taught courses through the Cavalier Education program, and pioneered the Academic Resource Center and the University Peer Advising Link (ULINK). Sky is eager to contribute positively to the University Community through Student Council by ensuring the proper internal organization and communication that will allow Council to effectively address student concerns.
Outside of Student Council, Sky is majoring in Government and Foreign Affairs within the Politics Honors Program. Additionally, he is the Head Resident of the Lawn community and is involved in Christian Fellowship, OpenGrounds, the Democracy Network, and works for the State Department and the Presidential Precinct. As he continues his time at UVA, he hopes to serve the student body effectively while growing personally.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sky if you have any questions or concerns.


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