Your Representatives

The Representative Body

“Each Representative of Student Council shall represent to the best of his or her ability the specific interests of the Student Body of his or her particular school and the general interests of the entire Student Body.” -Student Council Constitution

All Representatives shall be entitled to participate in the creation, modification, debate, and passage of legislation. All members of the Representative Body shall be expected to attend both the General and Representative Body portions of each meeting. The Representative Body shall have the authority to hear appeals and conduct hearings in the following instances:

1. Review hearings for contracted independent organizations
2. Appropriation appeals
3. Space allocations appeals.

Recent posts from the Representative Body:

Each Representative shall also work to solicit the views and concerns of his or her constituents. Meet your school’s representative(s):


Sidney Gafford College srg9yv at  Student Concerns
Michael Promisel College mep5fz at Chair of the Rep Body
Peter Finocchio College paf2kc at Chair of External Affairs
Carmel Berhanu College cb7qp at Internal Affairs
Alexandria Jasmine Huff-Reynolds College ajh2uc at  External Affairs
Emmanuel Agyemang-Dua College ea9cf at Internal Affairs
Peter Weber Engineering pjw4hj at  Chair of Internal Affairs
Charles William Regan Engineering cwr2gb at Student Concerns
Maryam Ghariban Engineering mg5yd at  Internal Affairs
Christopher Zapple Commerce cpz3yc at  Student Concerns
Caitlyn Veith Nursing cav3vn at  Student Concerns
T Morris Architecture tjm5zc at Student Concerns
Travers O’Leary Batten – Undergraduate tdo4xs at Internal Affairs


Sheridan Fuller Batten swf2cf at Chair of Student Concerns
Janelle Peifer Curry jss3sg at Chair of Graduate Affairs
Brandon Nelson Darden bkn7ed at Graduate Affairs
Niveditha (Nivi) Prabakaran Arts and Sciences np7em at Graduate Affairs
Trish Lauck Arts and Sciences tlauck at Graduate Affairs
Mehdi Saadat Engineering sms2bt at Graduate Affairs
W. Andrew Lanius Law wal5re at Graduate Affairs
Jacky Werman Law jsw3yh at Graduate Affairs
Alexander Loeb Medical ael3z at Graduate Affairs