Academic Affairs Welcomes You Back! | UVA Student Council

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Student Body,

Academic Affairs Committee of Student Council would like to welcome you back for the Spring 2013 semester at our wonderful University of Virginia. We are incredibly excited for this upcoming semester and the variety of events, initiatives, and developments that will happen this semester in the academic spheres of our lives. Our committee is busy developing a plethora of opportunities for you.

Look Hoos Talking will be coming back this semester. For those who don’t know, Look Hoos Talking is an event that began a couple years ago that features professors of the University sharing their greatest ideas. Look Hoos Talking takes a similar form to TED talks, allowing around 8 professors to speak for no longer than 12 minutes about their big idea. We have tentatively scheduled the event on April 2nd and are finishing up the nomination process so that we can invite professors to talk.  Nominations are crucial to the success of the event, so please nominate your favorite professors here: These nominations are due by February 1st! Get excited about Look Hoos Talking!

The committee is also working on Academic Advising. After our Hot Chocolate and Advising event last semester, we have assembled our survey data and our currently working on a report. We will also be meeting with Deans to discuss the advising system and how we can improve as a University. Along with this initiative, committee members are busy at work developing the idea of an Academic Resource Center. If you have any ideas as to how this might be structured in a new and standout way, please post here or email us at smm3pr. Stay tuned on these initiatives.

Academic Affairs is developing a new academic event called EdYoucation! This semester, the event will feature a discussion of the liberal arts at a research institution. Professors from across the University will come together to discuss this topic and how it pertains to your education. EdYoucation will happen in late February, so be on the lookout for details!

Cavalier Education is still going strong. We have a new group of CavEd classes with student teachers excited to start their new classes. Some of the classes this semester include Politics and the Culture of Sushi, Beauty and the Sublime, Prisons in US Society, and Changing Faces in Medicine. If you are interested in taking these classes, be sure to enroll. A quick note for any who are interested in teaching CavEd courses. Due to University standards and a need for change, we now require that you take our Pedagogy seminar, a 1 credit class that educates students on teaching a course and prepares you for the CavEd Program. Thus, if you are interested in teaching a course next semester or the next, make sure you enroll in this course this semester or in the Fall!

Finally, we will be working on other initiatives including Teaching Awards, the URN symposium, a Majors Talk, and more. We hope you enjoy our events and benefit from what we are working on with the administration. Please feel free to contact us with concerns and/or ideas!

Happy Martin Luther King Day and have a great week of classes!


Sky Miller