Appeals | UVA Student Council



If a group is not satisfied with its allocation, it may first appeal to Student Council and then to the Student Activities Committee (SAC). In order to appeal to Student Council, the group must submit an email to the VPO and the Appropriations Co­Chairs at cio­ within two weeks of budget approval. Included in the appeal are the exact line items that the group would like to appeal. The appeal will take deliberation from the Appropriations Co­Chairs, the party, and the VPO. After deliberations have completed, and the party is still unhappy with the verdict, the party can petition the Student Council body.

Discussion both at Student Council and at any later appeals must be limited to these items only. NO corrections, non­line items, or new information may be presented at this time. This is not an opportunity to rectify any mistakes or oversight made with original budget.

The group must then submit a typed rationale detailing why the group feels the Appropriations Committee’s decision was incorrect and indicating what they feel the correct amount should be. Depending on the number of groups appealing, deliberations and hearings may be held on separate nights.

The procedure for appeals shall be as follows: The group will have five minutes to explain its rationale, following which a member of the Appropriations Committee will have five minutes to explain the Committee’s decision. There will be fifteen minutes to make any concluding statements, followed by a two-minute summation from the Appropriations Committee. Student Council will reach an allocation decision on the items in question by a majority vote after unlimited discussion. If a group is still not satisfied that it received a fair hearing, it can appeal to the Student Activities Committee subject to deadlines set down by that body. Normally, the SAC will not accept an appeal based on the amount of the allocation. The SAC is the final avenue of appeal.