Student Council Appropriations

New to the appropriations process? Start by looking through the getting started guide below, looking at the FAQs page, and watching the CIO townhall presentation. Additional questions can be directed to or stop by VPO office hours (Monday 3:30 - 4:30 in the PAC).

 Student Council Funding Basics 

  • All  registered Contracted Independent Organizations (CIOs) that are in good standing with the University may apply for StudCo funding. Groups that are inactive or frozen need to renew their status before applying.
  • New CIOs need to contact the VPO ( before applying for the first time to request that an account be created for their group.
  • Funding requests are approved during five “rounds” per semester. Groups may either apply once, for the semi-annual round at the beginning of the semester, or up to four times during any of the four rolling rounds, that are evenly spaced throughout the semester.
    • See the above rounds calendar for this semester’s dates.
    • We recommend that newer groups who are not yet certain of their expenses/ funding patterns use the rolling rounds method. Semi-Annual funding is for groups that have more regular and established funding patterns and can be certain of all their expenses far in advance.
  • All our funding is handed out through reimbursement: you pay for the item up front and we reimburse you once you submit receipts.
New to StudCo funding? Here’s how to get started
  1.   Read through the information on this page and the SAF guidelines below
  2.   Look at the makeup Town Hall (linked above) to get a sense of resources available to CIOs and answer some commonly asked questions. You must watch the full presentation on your honor before submitting a budget.
  3.   Make sure that your CIO has an account with StudCo – if your CIO has never applied for SAF funding before you will need to email the VPO to create an SAF account for you on atUVA.
  4.   If you organization has applied for funding in the past but you personally are new to the process, track down your former treasurer and talk through previous budgets. Ask what they got funded, what they did not, what their alternative fundraising sources have been. If your organization does not have Transition Documents consider making some for your successor.
  5.   Make a list of all of your CIOs expenses and incomes, figure out where the gaps are. What will your dues not cover? Do you have donors or grants?
  6.   Assess which of the aforementioned expenses are allowable within the SAF guidelines. Please read through them for details, but the immediate things to remove are food and food paraphernalia, give-aways, equipment that is rented out on grounds, and supplies that will not stay within the CIO.
  7.   Decide what round(s) you will be applying for – the schedule for the semester is linked above. Remember that you must use funds in the same semester in which they were awarded. Keep track of your deadlines; purchase requests must be filed within 60 days of funding being approved or before the deadline.
  8.   Create your budget using the template found here.
  9.   Submit your budget, the process is described in a video linked under “tutorial videos” above.
  10.   Attend a hearing – a sign up sheet will be sent out on the morning of the day of the round via email. Please alert the VPO in a timely manner if you submitted your budget on time but did not receive it. Hearings are informal and you need only yourself, your laptop and a working knowledge of your CIOs finances. Please arrive to the PAC (or the SBA office in north grounds) a few minutes ahead of your designated time slot.
  11.   Wait. It usually takes the appropriations committee and the VPO about 10 days to process funding requests. When the allocated amounts (the amount of money your club is receiving) are uploaded to atUVA you will get an email notification.
  12.   Spend your money!
  13.   File for reimbursement: Create a purchase request online – again their is a tutorial video linked above on how to do this. Print out your purchase request and receipts, sign them and staple them together and drop them off at the Business Services office on the 4th floor of Newcomb during normal working hours (M-F, 9:00-5:00).
  14.   Get your check in the mail (or direct deposit if you have that arranged)

Information for North Grounds CIOs

  • Budget hearings for North Grounds groups are held over the phone with members of the Appropriations committee. These hearings will be held at the same time as the ones on Central Grounds (6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. on designated Wednesdays).
  • Purchase requests and receipts for reimbursement can be turned into Vice President for Organizations or Chairs of the Appropriations committee during North Grounds office hours (Wednesdays 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the Darden library).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the approved amount on the budget created at my hearing not match the awarded amount on atUVA?

  • The approved amount (added on your budget at hearings) is how much money we could possibly give you within the constraints of the SAF guidelines.
  • The awarded amount depends on how much money is requested overall versus how much we have to give out. Your awarded amount (the number on atUVA) is how much you actually have to spend.

My awarded amount doesn’t match the itemized amounts on my budget, how much can I spend on each item?

  • You can spend up to the approved amount listed on your budget for each item, as long as the total does not exceed you awarded amount.
  • For example, if this was your approved budget and you were awarded $80, you could buy all the books or $50 worth of books and all of the paper and pens.
    Name Purpose # Price Total Amount Requested Total Amount Approved 
    Books Reading 10 $10 $100 80
    Paper Writing 1 $20 $20 20
    Pens Writing 5 $2 $10 10
            Total: 110


I applied for funding for a certain item/ trip in a previous round but did not get as much money as I needed, can I try applying for the same expense again in the next round?

  • No, once you have applied for a specific item, the decision is final. You cannot try again for the same expense or split the funds from two rounds for one expense.