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More Appropriations FAQs


(1)    How do I submit a budget?
  • Go to The registered financial officer of your CIO has to be the one to submit the budget.
  • Click “My Shortcuts”
  • Click the organization you represent
  • Click on the ‘Finance’ tab at the top of your organization’s page
  • Click the ‘create funding request’ button, on the top left of the page
  • Fill out all fields and upload your budget.
  • Budgets are due Tuesday nights by midnight, the day before the day of the hearing.
  • Sign up for a hearing time slot when the sheet is emailed out Wednesday morning
(2)    What are hearings?
  • Hearings are scheduled for all CIO’s with submitted budgets. Hearings are held on Wednesdays from 6-8 PM. You can sign up for a hearing time on the morning of hearings.
  • Hearings typically last between 10 and 15 minutes, but please be available for 30 minutes after the time you signed up.
  • A Google Doc will be sent out to the budget submitter.
(3)    How do I prepare for a hearing?
  • Make sure to provide the Appropriations team with all price quotes. You can do this one of two ways:
    • (1) Print all price quotes
    • (2) Link all price quotes online under the “comments” section when you submit the budget
  • Print out a copy of the budget to bring to the hearing
  • Know specific dates when referring to your budget.
  • Be as detailed as possible in explaining a line item in your budget. The more information you provide the Appropriations team, the more information they can use to help supplement your budget.
(4)       How does the Appropriations process work?
  • First, a CIO submits a budget.
  • After the budget is submitted, the entire Appropriations committee reviews the budget.
  • After the initial review, the Appropriations committee conducts hearings.
  • After the Hearings, a final review is done by the Appropriations Co-Chairs and the Vice-President for Organizations.
(5)      How do I know what is fundable and what isn’t fundable?
  • Look at the SAF guidelines- use the SAF guidelines when submitting a budget, and your organization should be able to get the most out of Student Council.
(6)      What if the event I planned didn’t happen?
  • If you want to divert the funds you were awarded to another event/activity please email with the completed Microsoft Word reallocation form as an attachment.
(7) What if I don’t have the ‘Finance’ Tab on
  • There are a few possibilities of what could have happened, first of all: make sure you are listed as the Financial Officer on, in order to do this, have your Primary Officer click your name, and list the membership as ‘Financial Officer’
  • If that doesn’t work, it could be possible that you have limited access, have your primary officer do the following:
  1. Click Roster
  2. Click ‘Manage Positions’
  3. Click Financial Officer
  4. Select ‘Limited Access’
  5. Scroll down to Finance and select ‘Full’.
  6. Click ‘Save’.
(8)  What if I can’t submit a budget?
  • If your organization is new and has not applied for funding before, you may not have an account set up. Please email with your organization name and situation.
(9)      Who do I contact if I have any more questions?
(10) Why does the approved amount on the budget created at my hearing not match the awarded amount on atUVA?
  • The approved amount (added on your budget at hearings) is how much money we could possibly give you within the constraints of the SAF guidelines.
  • The awarded amount depends on how much money is requested overall versus how much we have to give out. Your awarded amount (the number on atUVA) is how much you actually have to spend.
(11) My awarded amount doesn’t match the itemized amounts on my budget, how much can I spend on each item?
  • You can spend up to the approved amount listed on your budget for each item, as long as the total does not exceed you awarded amount.
  • For example, if this was your approved budget and you were awarded $80, you could buy all the books or $50 worth of books and all of the paper and pens.
    Name of Item Purpose/Event Quantity Price Total Amount Requested Total Amount Approved (Leave blank)
    Books Reading 10 $10 $100 80
    Paper Writing 1 $20 $20 20
    Pens Writing 5 $2 $10 10
            Total: 110


(12) I applied for funding for a certain item/ trip in a previous round but did not get as much money as I needed, can I try applying for the same expense again in the next round?
  • No, once you have applied for a specific item, the decision is final. You cannot try again for the same expense or split the funds from two rounds for one expense.