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Meet the Appropriations Team

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The purpose of Student Council is to protect and improve the rights, opportunities, and quality of life of each student at the University of Virginia. Student Council has proudly provided SAF funding to CIOs through the Appropriations Process since 1943.

Student Council Vice President for Organizations (VPO): Ty Zirkle,

The duties of the Student Council VPO, with respect to the Appropriations Process, are to provide oversight and leadership for the process and to serve as the spokesperson for the Appropriations Committee.

Appropriations Co-Chairs: David Peters, Jordan Beeker, Danny Higginbotham, and Tyler Sudbrink,

The Co-Chairs and the members of the Appropriations Committee are human resources for CIOs, available to answer questions about budgets and expenses. The Co-Chairs can advise your group about how to present an expenditure report to the Committee, and explain what to expect during the process.