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The SAF Guidelines

The purpose of the Student Activity Fee (SAF) is to provide financial support for student organizations that are related to the educational purpose of the University of Virginia. As a mandatory student fee, the monies collected by the University for funding student activities are public funds that must be administered in a manner consistent with the educational purpose of the University as well as with state and federal law.

The SAF Guidelines have been developed as a comprehensive guide to assist student groups that receive money from the Student Activity Fee.  This guide must be read before your group submits a budget applying for SAF funds. This is where you will find information on what is fundable and not fundable along with the basic distinctions among types of funding. Download the SAF Guidelines

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The Student Activities Fee Guidelines:

Proposed 2015 – 2016 SAF Guidelines

Frequently Asked Appropriations Questions:

SAF Cheat Sheet

The Appropriations Process

Who is the Student Council Appropriations Team?
Requirements for Receiving Student Activity Fee (SAF) Funds
Restriction on Funds
Special Considerations & Other Budgeting Guidelines
Submitting a Budget
Rolling Rounds versus Semi-Annual Rounds
Hearings, Deliberations, Allocations, & Appeals
Fall Appropriations Calendar

Reallocations & Emergency Funding

Should you wish to re-allocate or request emergency funds distributed to your organization, please email the re-allocation request to

Accessing Allocated Funds

General Reimbursement Policies and Procedures

Past Allocations Data

Letter from the Appropriations Committee

Other Documents:

Budget Form/Funding Request Form
Gas Mileage Reimbursement Form