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Student Council ARC

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Welcome to the Academic Resource Center!


The Academic Resource Center, or ARC, is a resource to bridge the gap between students and the wealth of academic information spread across the web. It is packed with info about majors, deadlines, and resources to help you get the most out of your time.

ARC is here to help you spend your time learning, not searching.

Know the Basics.

The Academic Resource Center can be used by newcomers to the University to understand the basics of the university’s academic system. Before students dive into their academic experience at the University, it is important to figure out how these Grounds work. Feel free to browse the basics page, email us, or chat if we are available.

Explore Academics.

The Center provides information to help you with learn about academic pathways at the university, find opportunities, and discover tools to achieve academic success. Aiming to pull together a plethora of information from across the university, the ARC is the place to explore your options from the moment you enter Mr. Jefferson’s University.

Figure it Out.

The academic realm at UVa can be intimidating and overwhelming. Difficulties arise for students in their use of the Student Information System, their academic advising experience, and in their navigation of academic requirements. The ARC can be used for troubles such of these as a resource to solve these problems