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Athletic Affairs

The Athletic Affairs Committee is responsible for addressing the views and concerns of students regarding recreational, amateur and varsity athletics at the University. The committee’s goal is to sustain dialogue and bridge the gap between the Athletic Department, IM Rec, Student Council and students on grounds.


Water Bottle Project

We looked towards finding a cleaner alternative to handing out plastic water bottles at football games when it becomes too hot. Instead of giving out plastic bottles, we worked with the Athletics department, the Facilities Management department and the sustainability committee of Student Council towards buying a new water dispenser unit and began using compostable cups instead of the plastic bottles. This helped to keep plastic waste down in the long term and reach a more sustainable, cheaper option to the previous solution.

Sports Boxes

Members of this initiative will work to establish weather-proof boxes of sports equipment for commonly used areas such as Ohill field and Nameless field.

Club Sports and IM Rec Coordination

Members of this initiative will work to establish relationships with club sports teams and to address student concerns with IM Rec. Additionally, they’ll work to publicize club sports games through the creation of a calendar that all students can access.

Connecting Student-Athletes and CIOs

Members of this initiative will work to create a list of non-competitive, low-time commitment CIOs that student-athletes can join and participate in as much as their schedule allows, in an effort to normalize their university experience.

Mental Health in Student Athletes

The mental health sub-committee works to create an open dialogue about mental health for varsity student athletes. Collaborating with Sports Psychology and Student Athlete Mentors (SAM) the committee is currently setting up student athlete led forums to address the challenges that student athletes face, the stigma around mental health, and general wellness.

Club Sports Sustainability

Project description for website update: As a part of our initiative for club sports sustainability, we held a roundtable for fundraising. This roundtable consisted of useful information to help club sports fundraise and apply for funding. This is an ongoing initiative, and we plan to continue to provide club sports with any help they need.

Meet Your Major

Athletic Affairs has created a comprehensive list of the majors available at the University with information on interests, prerequisites, declaration requirements, necessary courses, and potential career paths. This project hopes to provide student-athletes the opportunity to explore majors and fields of study within their interest, rather than a select few majors that fit within the schedules of most athletes. This guide is available for student-athletes through their advisors.

Club Sports and IM Social Media

We are currently working to maintain a central Twitter and Facebook account for all of IM Rec and Club Sports under the umbrella of Student Council that would help promote game attendance among the UVA student body.

Twitter: @HoosPlaying
Facebook: HoosPlaying

Meet the Chair

Erin Sweet