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Athletic Affairs

The Athletic Affairs Committee is responsible for addressing the views and concerns of students regarding recreational, amateur and varsity athletics at the University. The committee’s goal is to sustain dialogue and bridge the gap between the Athletic Department, IM Rec, Student Council and students on grounds.


Water Bottle Distribution

The members of this initiative will plan and coordinate the distribution of water bottles at football games according to the emergency heat management plan. Every member of the Athletic Affairs committee (except those with previously established exemptions) will assist with this initiative, though a one or two can take on a larger role as the head of this initiative.

Sports Boxes

Members of this initiative will work to establish weather-proof boxes of sports equipment for commonly used areas such as Ohill field and Nameless field.

Club Sports and IM Rec Coordination

Members of this initiative will work to establish relationships with club sports teams and to address student concerns with IM Rec. Additionally, they’ll work to publicize club sports games through the creation of a calendar that all students can access.

Connecting Student-Athletes and CIOs

Members of this initiative will work to create a list of non-competitive, low-time commitment CIOs that student-athletes can join and participate in as much as their schedule allows, in an effort to normalize their university experience.

Meet the Co-Chairs

Cameron Rangecroft