Mike Wood | UVA Student Council

Colonnade Shuttle Schedule

I live in UHeights, which is up Ivy past JPJ. Lots of upperclassmen and grad students live there. During the normal bus schedule, the Colonnade Shuttle runs to UHeights. However, during the finals schedule, it does not run at all. This means I have no way to get home...

EIC Startup Profile: Yaa W.

Company: Yaa W. Founder: Diana Wilson Interviewers: Jack Freed and Michael Eaton Byrd (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Co-Chairs)   Tell me a little bit about how your background has influenced you to start Yaa W. My name is Diana Wilson and I am a fourth-year...

Music in 1515

This university is so incredibly well-endowed… can we not afford to play ad-free music in 1515? I’d imagine UVA spent so much money renovating 1515 they could pay $10/month for Spotify Premium or ad-free Pandora.