Brenna Sheehan | UVA Student Council

Music in 1515

This university is so incredibly well-endowed… can we not afford to play ad-free music in 1515? I’d imagine UVA spent so much money renovating 1515 they could pay $10/month for Spotify Premium or ad-free Pandora.

Protest Gun violence on campus and in schools

Sirs, Around 1968 there was a shooting at Kent State University which so outraged the students of the US that general strikes and boycotts were organized at most of the US Universities. The politicians at the time took notice at the unity and size of the event to...

Newsletter February 15, 2018

Issue No. 10 | February 15 Note from the President Dear Students: First, I would like to offer my congratulations to the Men’s Basketball team for earning the #1 spot in the AP Poll for the first time since 1982! Student Council led a delegation of students to Capitol...