Building and Grounds: JPA Parking Initiative | UVA Student Council
Look familiar?

The Jefferson Park Avenue Initiative by the Building and Grounds Committee began as an idea to address the parking shortage on the streets surrounding Grounds. Led by member Joseph Atrip and initiated in September 2012, the project’s goal was to create a prototype example of how to increase parallel parking on Jefferson Park Avenue.
The initiative began with the collection of data on the inefficient and dangerous parking situation on Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA) between Emmet Street and Maury Avenue. Building
and Grounds coordinated with University Community Relations and the Jefferson Park Avenue neighborhood association president to come up with a solution for the problem. After initially surveying the situation, Building and Grounds worked in conjunction with a traffic engineer from the City of Charlottesville’s Neighborhood Development Services to collect data and perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine what concept would be the best solution for the lack of street parking.

Image of illegal parking on JPA; petitions were passed in Charlottesville NDS to provide more spots.

After consulting with the City of Charlottesville and the JPA neighborhood association president, Building and Grounds determined that the best method to alleviate the parking problem was to petition for additional parallel parking spots in areas at the time marked as no parking zones. The committee submitted six petitions to Charlottesville Neighborhood Development Services in December. After a public comment period and review by Neighborhood Development Services, five new parking spots were created in January on Jefferson Park Avenue.

Building and Grounds is currently working on adding additional parking spots to Jefferson Park Avenue and its side streets and will begin exploring opportunities to do the same to streets north of University Avenue.