Building and Grounds Spring 2013 Update | UVA Student Council

Welcome back, UVA! Building and Grounds is ready for another semester of addressing your concerns. But first, we’d love to give you a recap of what we accomplished last semester.

We hope you were able to attend last semester’s Grounds Under Construction talk. Topics covered included everything from the much awaited timeline on the McCormick Bridge project to how the university was planning on tackling projects around grounds including Gilmer Hall’s facade and new student housing.

We were also able to help beautify the slave memorial in the Gooch-Dillard residential area, along with incredibly generous members of the grounds crew and residents from the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years. Please see our last blog post for pictures!

One of our members, Maggie Landon, coordinated a on- and off- grounds housing fair with the Housing Department. We wanted to make sure first year students knew they had options, and did not feel pressured to sign a lease too early.

Another member, Matt Wertman, initiated a course in the architecture school to provide a more appropriate student memorial space, and met with the Arboretum Committee to discuss funding for the designed project.

We met with Andrew Greene, the Sustainability Coordinator for the Office of the Architect, on his work for the bike share program, and will be helping with the Request for Proposal process this coming spring.

We have a few more great projects planned for the spring in an effort to help make UVA’s grounds a better place for all of us.

-In light of recent events and complaints about specific areas, we have developed a ‘lighting committee’ to help make sure spaces around grounds are properly lit to ensure the safety of all.

-We’re looking into the efficacy of the trash cans around grounds, so you won’t need to walk miles to throw that banana peel away!

-We’re trying to see where bike parking and storage could be improved.

-Additionally, we have heard complaints about mailroom delivery messages, and wonder if this can be cataloged as well.

As always, we are here to help make your UVA experience exceptional- we appreciate any and all ideas, concerns, or thoughts you might have for us. SpeakUpUVA is always the best way to get your concerns heard, but do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our emails can be found here under the student council website!

Best of Luck this coming semester!

Nell and Will