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Sarah Kenny

Sarah Kenny


Liam Wolf

Liam Wolf

Chief of Cabinet

The Committees

Academic Affairs

Chair: Sydney Bradley

The Academic Affairs Committee shall be responsible for addressing the academic and educational concerns of students, both inside and outside the classroom, and for representing the study body by addressing student academic concerns to the university administration. Learn more here.

Athletic Affairs

Chair: Cameron Rangecroft

The Athletic Affairs Committee is responsible for addressing the views and concerns of students regarding recreational, amateur and varsity athletics at the University. The committee’s goal is to sustain dialogue and bridge the gap between the Athletic Department, IM Rec, Student Council and students on grounds. Learn more here.

Buildings and Grounds

Chairs: Colleen Dillon &

Christopher Hastings

The Mission of the Buildings & Grounds Committee consists of three points:

  1. To ensure the preservation and production of buildings and landscapes which help to cultivate the full, vibrant type of life we seek at UVA.
  2. To ensure that our historic core can continue to evolve honestly and freely to meet the needs of the modern world, without losing its rare sense of place.
  3. To ensure that our built environment and our natural environment are not at odds with each other, and that we care for each with equal regard.

Learn more about the Buildings and Grounds Committee here.

Community Service

Chairs: Marlina Mejia & Margaret Haltom

The Community Service Committee of the University of Virginia’s Student Council shall serve the student body by connecting students to peers, faculty, community partners and opportunities to promote an active civic life.

Additionally, the committee shall strengthen ties between the city of Charlottesville and the students at the University so that students may better engage with and serve the public.

Learn more here!

Diversity Engagement

Co-Chairs: Joy Collins & Nick Pradhan

The mission of the Diversity Engagement committee is to support and sustain diversity initiatives from multicultural organizations across Grounds as well as work with administrators to address problems voiced by students, offering resources for students and events for students to attend. Learn more here.

Legislative Affairs

Chairs: Elizabeth Parker

The Legislative Affairs Committee shall be responsible for encouraging student participation in the political process and representing the interests of University students, as approved by the Representative Body, in the federal, state, and local government. Learn more about Legislative Affairs here.

Safety and Wellness

Chairs: Taylor Overton & Logan Brich

The Safety & Wellness Committee serves as the primary support system for all safety and wellness related organizations, both at the University and in Charlottesville.  Additionally, members of the committee actively seek to address concerns in such a way that streamlines discussion on related topics, advocates collaboration among different groups, and provides necessary resources. Learn more here.

Student Arts

Chairs: Emily Williams & Anna Seitz

Student Arts seeks to identify, communicate, and satisfy the needs of the arts community at the University of Virginia by providing resources, accessibility, and support to anyone wishing to engage in the arts through participation or observation. Learn more about the Student Arts Committee here.


Chairs: Megan Routbort & Jacob Weitzman

The Sustainability Committee seeks to build a community of students, staff, faculty, and alumni passionately concerned about sustainability and the world we inhabit, as well as to protect and improve the rights, opportunities, and quality of life for the community through environmental sustainability. Learn more here.