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CIO Consultants

The CIO Consultants are a resource for Contracted Independent Organizations. We assist the Vice President for Organizations with reviewing and approving potential CIOs, conducting orientations for new CIOs, and putting CIO leadership in touch with proper contacts and resources to be successful.

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Ryan Woodward

Camila Zarate


  • Anant Das
  • Cam Magee
  • Camila Zarate
  • Charlotte Barkdull
  • Chi Chan
  • Grant Guan
  • John Bond
  • Justin Yang
  • Katherine Welsch-Lehmann
  • Nancy Zhou
  • Natalia Heguaburo
  • Robel Semunegus
  • Samantha Strohm
  • Sarah Hitchcock
  • Susie Kim
  • Tala Ansari
  • Urja Jariwala