CIO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) | UVA Student Council

Here is a list of questions we have recently come across that we would like to address for you. If you have a question about something and don’t see it listed here then email


  • Why is my approved amount in atuva different than on my budget?
    • The Appropriations committee uses a percentage-based cut-off system with all budgets that go through the Semi-Annual and Rolling Rounds process. After determining what the committee will approve or not approve they enter this information on the budget word document under total budget. From this number, they take a percentage from it based on the size of your request. Therefore, your money to spend is the amount provided in the box on and not the number on the budget form itself.
  • If the amounts don’t match up then how can I determine spending?
    • You are allowed to spend the allocated amount however you like on those approved items. However, with each item you will only be reimbursed up to the approved amount. For example, if you were allocated $4,000 for the semi-annual round and were approved $2,000 for repairs and $4,000 for new equipment then you will need to determine how to spend that money. It is up to you if you do $2,000 for repairs and $2,000 new equipment; $0 for repairs and $4,000 for new equipment; or some combination in between such as $1,000 for repairs and $3,000 for new equipment. You, however, cannot go above the approved amount so in this example you cannot go above $2,000 for the repairs without submitting a funding reallocation request.
  • What if the costs rise or plans change and I would like to direct funds towards a different event?
    • You are able to reallocate approved funds towards other similar expenses using a reallocation request. This will not change your allocated amount but will allow you to be reimbursed for more than your original approved amount on a certain item assuming the reallocation request is granted. You will need to email an edited version of the budget to explaining the original approved item and where you would like to redirect those funds. Typically this is only granted to similar events so for example if a conference changes its location from William & Mary to GMU. You will need to receive confirmation that this reallocation request has been approved before you can spend the money on this new item.
  • Can I appeal the amount I received?