Co-Sponsorship | UVA Student Council

Student Council’s Co-sponsorship program is rooted in an understanding that together, our student body can do bigger and better things. Although we provide grants through the Appropriations process for student groups to achieve their own initiatives, we believe we can achieve even more in working with you on initiatives that benefit the entire student body.

In Co-sponsoring with Student Council, groups have three options: marketing support, committee partnerships, and event funding.

Marketing Support includes prominent placement in StudCo News and posts on Facebook and Twitter. Council requests that interested parties provide a logo or flyer and a short blurb for publication purposes.

Committee Partnerships allow interested groups to work alongside our committees to address mutual concerns. We request that initiatives affect more than half of the student body and that applicants designate a committee they would like to work with.

Event Funding allows applicants to designate part of their event budget for Student Council to fund. Student Council will fund a maximum of $250 and no more than half of the total event cost.

Co-sponsorships that involve funding or committee support must be zero waste (guidelines provided) and groups must come to Student Council’s General Body Meeting to address the initiative’s purpose with our Chairs and Representatives.

Let’s work together. Please email the StudCo DUR with your proposal, questions or concerns.