Cold Season | UVA Student Council

I thought I had evaded it this year.

Just when I got cocky enough to think that my immune system was strong enough to ward off the inevitable fall cold that annually plagues the student body, I wake this morning with a sore throat and fever. I am less than pleased, especially considering there is a football game this weekend and next week begins my first round of midterms. I am even more unsettled by the fact that this semester is moving so quickly! I’m already booking bus tickets for fall break, planning our committee’s Pumpkin Painting initiative for trick-or-treating on the lawn, and (of course) spending time that SHOULD be allocated to studying for plotting this year’s round of Halloween costumes.

That’s not to say that I’m not looking forward to what this fall offers, though. As much as I am trying to hold onto summer, pictures from FYP’s roll of their new casties for The Music Man are popping up on my facebook newsfeed, and I already can’t wait to see the show. A friend of mine is choreographing the drama department’s production of Parade, and I already have the dates penciled into my calendar. Tomorrow night, I’m going to see Hamlet at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, and next week is the UVa Art Museum’s Final Fridays celebration for September! The Fire Marshall’s room inspection period in dorms is finally over (hang up your string lights, everyone- we’re here to stay), the weather is getting colder, and the semester is about to explode with arts events galore. Our committee recently selected 25 fantastic Arts Advocates to publicize these performances and shows in their respective dormitories— and I don’t want anyone to miss out on what this school has to offer. Check out the University’s Art Calendar ( regularly to get the full grasp of what’s going on!

And if you have any secret cold remedies, please let me know. I look like Rudolph.