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Community Service

The Community Service Committee of the University of Virginia’s Student Council shall serve the student body by connecting students to peers, faculty, community partners and opportunities to promote an active civic life. Additionally, the committee shall strengthen ties between the city of Charlottesville and the students at the University so that students may better engage with and serve the public.

What is Learning In Action and why should you use it?

Learning in Action is UVa’s official public service website that connects students, faculty, organizations, and the community with service-related resources, such as volunteer opportunities, funding for projects, and service learning courses. This is a central resource for you to discover your service interests and make a great impact in the community. Check it out here!

What do we do? Here is a list of our committee goals and the projects we work on to reach them.

Goal 1: Recognize the amazing service being done in our community

Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

With the help of faculty members Julie Caruccio, Associate Dean of Students, and Katie Heimer, Program Coordinator for Public Service, we are working to get UVa recognized as a community engaged institution through the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. This is an elective classification that universities can apply for on a five-year cycle, with the next application due in 2020. Currently, 361 universities in the U.S. have this classification.

Service Scholar Program

This program, founded by Student Council President Emily Lodge, recognizes University of Virginia students who have dedicated their college experience to service.
Students can log their service hours to reach different levels of achievement. All hours must be logged within 2 weeks of completing the service activity. Requirements for Levels of achievement:
Gold: 75 hours of service
Silver: 50 hours of service
Bronze: 25 hours of service
If a student logs an average of 75 hours per year since The Service Scholar Program was launched, then at graduation the student will be a “University of Virginia Service Scholar” and wear a turquoise blue Service Scholar chord.
We are currently updating our service log system. For now, please log your service hours using the form below:
Please also visit and like our facebook page ( for more information and updates!

Goal 2: Connect UVa students, faculty, organizations, and the Charlottesville community with service resources and opportunities

Learning In Action - General Promotion

As mentioned above, Learning in Action (LIA) is UVa’s official public service website and our committee is working on improving and promoting this great resource. We are currently developing a monthly newsletter that recognizes the great service students are doing and share new service resources available through LIA.

Learning In Action - Civic and Community Engagement Courses List

We are working to create a list of and recognize uva classes that engage students on issues of public service and/or community engagement. Some of these courses incorporate active service-learning experiences or direct engagement within communities, while others provide opportunities for critical thinking with topics related to the contexts in which service and community engagement happen. If you know of a course that you think should be added to this list, please contact Katie Heimer, program coordinator for public service, at listing will be available on Lou’s List and connected to the Learning In Action website. Here is a preliminary list for the 2016 Fall semester.

Goal 3: Support and encourage collaboration between UVa students, faculty, organizations, and the Charlottesville community with service initiatives

Service CIO Case Competition

This is an event where individuals from service-related CIOs come together to examine a community problem and develop solutions to address the problem. Our goal is to foster collaboration, communication, and potentially partnerships between service-related CIOs, so that we can make a bigger impact on our community through combined efforts. We are currently in the planning stage and are partnering with CIO Consultants to get in contact with CIOs.

Service Design Thinking Workshop

We are planning to host a Service Design Thinking Workshop, where representatives from service-related CIOs can come together to redesign their service experience here at UVa.

Multicultural Event: Music, Culture, and Youth in Charlottesville

Muna Shalan, a fellow associated with the UVa Center of Politics, is hosting this multi-cultural appreciation event, with the goal of promoting intercultural dialogue and spreading peace and acceptance of all cultures. Our committee, with the help of the Marketing and Communications, Diversity Engagement, and Student Arts, is helping advertise the event. Check out the Facebook Page here!

Women Against Violence Benefit Concert

Our committee helped the Virginia Women’s Chorus in planning and advertising their first Women Against Violence Benefit Concert that occurred on September 17th. The goal of the concert was to increase awareness of the resources available to survivors of sexual assault and raise consciousness of the issue. Performers included the Virginia Gentlemen, Belles, and Sil’hooettes, Virginia Women’s Chorus, Glee Club, and No Fella A Cappella from Albemarle High School. Proceeds benefited the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at UVa, SARA (Sexual Assault and Resource Agency), and the Sexual Assault Advocacy Fund (SAAF) of the Central Virginia Legal Aid Society.

Interested in collaborating on service projects? Have service-related concerns you would like us to address? Have questions about service in general? We are happy to help and work with you! Please reach out to the Co-Chairs, Melissa Wu and Margaret Haltom

Melissa Wu

Margaret Haltom