Dinosaur Spotted In Charlottesville | UVA Student Council

Not really; but here are some actual things to look forward to:

On October 15th UVa will be participating in EPA’s Game Day Challenge. Volunteers will stay after the football game to collect recyclables as a part of our effort to give Homecomings a “greener” tint, and will be given a sweet t-shirt and maybe even some food for all of their help. Look out for details regarding how to volunteer.

Soon after the Game Day Challenge, UVa will have its Campus Sustainability Day (October 2oth). In an effort to engage the student body in dialogue regarding the environmental challenges our university faces and how we plan to address them, select UVa staff members will be convening to brief students on these very same topics. This will also be the first official installment of our Film & Speaker Series, with many more events to follow.

Stay posted for more info about both of these events.