DI’s Doing It…Again | UVA Student Council

The Diversity Network. Hooliday Dining. The Memorial for Enslaved Laborers. Disability Awareness Week. Any of these sound familiar?

The Diversity Initiatives Committee of Student Council is more than prepared to continue to pioneer these noteworthy initiatives, and many more. My name is Edna Turay, and along with Sarah Imam, I am the co-chair of DI. Last year saw numerous successes for our committee, and we expect greater things to occur this fall and beyond.

DI’s mission is simple. We work to promote and maintain that great concept we all love called “diversity” at this institution. While embracing various definitions of diversity, including racial, sexual, geographic and even the diversity of thought, our aim this year is to establish more impactful relationships with cultural CIOS, members of Greek organizations and the larger Charlottesville community. We want to inspire, empower, encourage and move others to action, constantly advocating for diversity in all sectors of the University.

Diversity is not something that just DI should be concerned about. It is an idea powerful enough to mobilize all of us towards a common goal. And as the racialized nature of the 2012 election roars through our minds, diversity, and simply talking about it, is more important now, then ever. This year, DI wants to be in dialogue with the student body. We want to talk to you. Through the resources provided to us from Student Council, we truly want to hear from all of you. Whether you’re an activist, entrepreneur, politician in the making, prospective medical student, Greek or just a student, issues of diversity involve everyone.

So talk to us! SpeakUpUVa is the first step in making that happen. Post your thoughts, your questions and concerns and we WILL get back to you. We are interested in hearing your voice.

Want to join our committee? Recruitment begins very soon, and we are looking for talented and culturally aware students to join our committee.

Specific DI questions can be directed to ert2sk@virginia.edu

With that being said, we look forward to hearing from you. Ready…..set….start talking.


Edna Turay and Sarah Imam

2012-2013 DI Members

Sarah Ashraf
Bilal Chaudhry
Linh Le
Aoxing Zhao
Sanaya Hormozdyaran
Leah Azeze
Emily Marshall
Nataly Luque
Kevin Chen
Jordan Jackson
Travers O’Leary


Marco Segura, Evan Dunks and Jalen Ross