Disabilities Awareness Week | UVA Student Council

Disabilities Modifications checkOur Diversity Initiatives Committee will publicly unveil its Handicap-Accessible Housing database as part of the Civic Engagement Committee’s Disabilities Awareness Week.

“Disabilities Awareness Week” week was created by students in the Civic Engagement Committee to inform the University community about what it is like to live as a student with disabilities. It will showcase various speakers and discussions on topics ranging from deafness and cerebral palsy to Meniere’s Disease.

As part of the Week, Student Council will be releasing to the public an initiative that has been a year in the making by presenting a print database of apartments accessible to students with various levels of mobility. At the public unveiling, which will take place at the Student Council meeting on Tuesday, October 27th, landlords and/or their representatives from Wade Apartments, Woodard Properties, and the Grandmarc on the Corner, will join Vicki Hawes of the Off-Grounds Housing Office to present the Diversity Initiatives Committee with a $2000 check; this money, $500 of which was pledged by each of the three landlords and $500 of which was pledged by the Off-Grounds Housing Office, will enter a fund from which students who need to make modifications to their apartment can draw.

The print database, as well as the grant for modifications, is a great leap forward for the University in accommodating and continuing the dialogue with students with disabilities.