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Diversity Engagement

The mission of the Diversity Engagement committee is to support and sustain diversity initiatives from multicultural organizations across Grounds as well as work with administrators to address problems voiced by students, offering resources for students and events for students to attend.

The Diversity Calendar is a conglomeration of events from multicultural and underrepresented student groups.

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Disability Acceptance Week
      1. A week-long series of panels and events, co-sponsored by the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights to bring awareness to issues of disabilities and accessibility across Grounds.
      2. See below for a list of people/organizations to reach out to for co-sponsorships
Diversity Calendar
      1. Continue the monthly calendar that includes all events hosted by multicultural/minority organizations
      2. Put together a google doc to send to participating CIOs to fill out their event information
      3. Reach out to the head of Housing and Residence Life to post printed calendars in dorm hallways
      4. Post PDF version of calendar on StudCo website
Hooliday Dining

An initiative co-sponsored by Dean Laurie Casteen’s office aiming to provide meals for low-income and international students that are unable to go home during Thanksgiving break.

Diversity Week

A week long event towards the end of the semester fostering dialogues and highlighting different multicultural organizations across grounds. Includes the Interfaith Dinner, one of DE’s biggest events throughout the year.

Mental Health Awareness Week

A week long event bringing awareness to mental health issues, including sucide prevention across grounds. Tentatively co-sponsored with NAMI.

Transfer Student Forums
      1. Work with Academic Affairs on improving the Transfer Student handbook
      2. All concerns regarding transfer students fall under Diversity Engagement Committee
Outreach Presentations

Reach out to all multicultural/minority CIOs and present short 5-10 minute presentation at their general body meetings about how StudCo can support their efforts

Partner with Unpacking Privilege for fraternity & sorority outreach presentations

Work with Unpacking Privilege to continue their sensitivity panels at fraternities and sororities.

Transfer Student Forums

A series of four events designed to provide a “UVA Orientation”, rather than a “College Orientation” to transfer students that voiced in a previous forum that they were unsure of certain things needed to navigate UVA.

Living Wage Campaign

Tentatively organizing a protest/critical mass demonstration for the institution of a living wage with the Living Wage campaign CIO.

Humans of UVA

Organize the social media platform to highlight individuals in the UVA community from a cultural perspective.

Meet the Chair

Joy Collins