Dream Act Update | UVA Student Council

Here is brief update of the DREAM Act Campaign we have been working on, although it failed to be passed by Congress, our purpose to educate the UVA community will go on.

• Following Student Council’s support for the ‘Resolution in Support of the DREAM Act and the Dare to DREAM UVa Campaign,” we, the Latino Student Alliance and other partnering CIOs canvassed throughout UVa building awareness and support for the DREAM Act and issues of higher ed immigrant education. Overall we received nearly 2,600 petition signatures from students across Grounds.

• Before the end of Finals, Evan Shields, Ryan Hicks, and other leaders from the Dare to Dream UVA Campaign met with Pat Lampkin (University Vice President for Student Affairs) and garnered support from senior UVa administration for the Resolution thereafter;

• Both U.S. Senators from Virginia, Mark Warner and Jim Webb, voted for the DREAM ActThe DREAM Act was nearly passed in the Senate this past weekend on Saturday, December 18th, but lost by a mere 5 votes;

• Though the Act has failed and most likely will not come back to a vote in Congress for another 2 years, the Dare to DREAM UVa campaign will continue to build awareness on issues of undocumented immigrants’ education in higher ed institutions.

• Dare to DREAM UVa Campaign leader, Danny Navarro, is scheduled to speak to the Board of Visitors on the issues in February.

• We thank you for the healthy debate you provided on the Student Council Resolution, and your support of the Act and the Dare to DREAM UVa campaign.