Extreme Makeover: Gooch/Dillard Slave Memorial Edition! | UVA Student Council

It all started with a group of motivated and engaged first years. They called on the Buildings and Grounds committee to highlight some of our University’s rich history and make the Maury Plantation slave site a more appropriate memorial on grounds. This area, located between the Gooch and Dillard residences, is believed to be a grave site for the slaves of the Maury plantation which was located nearby. Over several months, we worked with students, representatives from facilities management, and members of the Office of the Architect to remove trash and debris in the area, help improve drainage, prevent soil erosion, and to draw up plans to beautify the area with mulching work and flowers around the site. Here are just a few pictures from the extensive work we put into this beautification effort:

All in all, we planted some 120 flowering shrubs and spread a truckload of mulch! By this spring, the site will be awash with blooming flowers in bright shades of red, white, and light blue. We’d like to give a special thanks to Mary Hughes in the Office of the Architect and all of the facilities management personnel who helped guide us through this process. Also, we can’t give enough thanks to all of the great students who came out to help!

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