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TL;DR: Survey link. Thank you.

Dear student,

As the semester winds down, there are many things on all of our minds. Let me start off by congratulating you on another semester under your belt.

There are a couple things on Student Council’s mind at the end of the semester. Not only do we reflect on what we’ve accomplished, we also look forward to the coming semester and years. We exist as an agency to work on your behalf and the behalf of the Student Body at large. We have a short survey on a few topics that will help us prepare for coming semesters with your input.

The topics included are:
1) SIS – We’re looking toward improvements on SIS with the help of faculty, but we aren’t quite sure where to take it quite yet and would like your opinion.

2) ARC – A new resource, the Academic Resource Center, we’ve created has gotten off to a great start. We want to make sure it continues on that great path with your help.

3) Courses, Requirements, and Exemptions – This past semester has seen a number of opinions expressed on courses and their requirements and exemptions. A number of those opinions were in the Cavalier Daily. We’d like your opinions on these as well.

Please tell us what we should focus on next semester.
The link is here. Or scan the QR code here and do it on the mobile-friendly version.
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Also coming next semester is the next installment of Look Hoos Talking. We appreciate all of the nominations you guys made and we’re working hard to schedule another great LHT. You can also expect nominations for the faculty and teaching awards to go up early upon our return in January. We’re also excited for all of the new CavEd courses to start!

We sincerely appreciate your help and we look forward to serving you in the coming semesters. As always, do let us know how we can help you. And don’t forget to Speak Up, UVa!

Have a wonderful, cozy Winter Break wherever you spend it and Happy Hoolidays,

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For questions on the survey, please email the chairs of the Academic Affairs Committee, Sky Miller and Carey Stewart.

Written by Klaus Dollhopf.