FB06-04: Bill to Create an Ad-Hoc Committee – Presidential Debate | UVA Student Council

Cosponsored by Representative Matthew H. White and President Darius P. Nabors

Whereas, 2008 is a presidential election year;

Whereas¸ Virginia is poised to be a battleground state in the next presidential election;

Whereas, there has been an expressed interest in the student body to host a presidential debate;

Be it therefore resolved, that Student Council creates a Presidential Debate Ad-Hoc Committee to address this issue;

Be it further resolved, that the committee exist until a debate is completed or all efforts to host a debate are exhausted.

Be it further resolved, that the committee make monthly reports to the representative body in a manner chosen by the representatives,

Be it further resolved, that membership is initially composed of the following individuals:

Matthew White

Pavan Gupta
Catherine Tobin
Todd Eley
Alyssa Guo
Brendan Dignan