FB06-05: Bill to Induct New Appropriations Committee Members | UVA Student Council

Sponsored By: Vice President for Organizations Anna Popova

Whereas, the VPO has the power to select a new Appropriations committee members;

Whereas, all of the selected members underwent an application submission process and met the submission deadline.

Whereas, the members have read and understand the Treasurer’s Manual and other guidelines necessary for making correct decisions in Appropriations hearings,

Whereas, the appropriations process requires the approval of the previously stated individuals;

Enacted,  that Allison Peck, Brendan Whittington, Catherine Tobin, Dane Coalson, Jedidian Crews, Jeremy Wickman, Jeffrey Frank, Jennifer Hayes, John Moran, Michael Smith, Naseh Kausar, Pamela Strong, Ryan McElveen, Thomas Rodgers, Taylor Barry, Vladimir Poznyakov, and Alyssa Guo be approved on to the Appropriations Committee for the 2006-2007 Academic School Year.