FB06-07: Bill for CIO Renewal and Approval | UVA Student Council

Whereas, groups that are seeking CIO status need to be approved by Student Council,

Whereas, the groups have created a Constitution and meet the requirements for becoming a CIO:

  1. At least 51% of the group’s members must be students
  2. The group’s officers must all be full-time, fee-paying students
  3. The group must keep an updated copy of its constitution on file at Student Council
  4. The group must include the Non-Discrimination Clause in the Membership section of their constitution

Whereas, being a CIO allows groups to apply for funding, reserve on grounds rooms, and have other advantages not conferred upon non-CIO groups,

Whereas, the Vice President for Organizations has reviewed all of the following groups and deems them in accordance with the previously stated regulations;

Whereas, a system of checks is in place to review the Student Council and VPO decisions;

Whereas these groups are seeking immediate CIO approval to being their yearly activities;

Therefore, the Vice President for Organizations seeks approval of the following new CIOs.


Short Description

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Student Chapter
(Co-curricular Organization)

The University of Virginia HFES Student Chapter is organized to serve the needs of the human factors profession at the University of Virginia. Its purpose is to promote and advance the understanding of the human factors involved in the design, manu…

International Sport Society
(Club Sport)

This student organization has the mission to organize various sport events among all students enrolled at the University of Virginia in order to promote different cultural interaction, a friendly environment to play sports and a good place to meet ne…

Order of Nexus
(Co-Ed Fraternal Organization)

The Order of Nexus shall exist to help improve the state of race relations at the University of Virginia and the surrounding community. The Order of Nexus shall serve as a catalyst for bringing together different types of people and opening lines of …

United States of America National Karate-do Federation at the University of Virginia
(Club Sport)

This organization is dedicated to spreading martial arts, most specifically Shorin Ryu Karate-do, throughout the greater Charlottesville community. We strive to encourage competition and demonstration of karate to foster the Virginia, national, and …

(Religious Organization)

The collegiate Navigators have groups on over 150 colleges and universities around the country. If you are a student with no Christian background who wants a safe place to ask questions or a follower of Christ who wants encouragement from o…

(Information/Entertainment Organization)

Minority is an entertainment magazine with an Asian focus and perspective. Its target audience is all students at UVA and gives everyone opportunity to work with publishing, design, writing and photography. It informs students about Asian related sch…

McIntire Corporate Advisory Group
(Hobby Organization)

The purpose of this group will be to give Commerce School students more experience in analyzing business deals on a sophisticated level. It should not be considered simply an investment banking club, as the focus will exclude underwriting activities…

(Service Organization)

FACE AIDS will raise money for community-based organizations in Africa and educate their peers about the heartbreaking pandemic. FACE AIDS will develop support groups and income-generating projects for Africans affected by AIDS and give grants to inn…

Greek Recycling Program
(Service Organization)

The Greek Recycling Program’s mission is to divert waste from local landfills through the reduction, reuse and recycling of reclaimable material from all of UVa’s fraternities and sororities under the jurisdiction of IFC/ISC. The program, by virtue …

(Fine Arts Organization)

ASTERION is a literary magazine that engages in honoring the memory of Jorge Luis Borges and promoting the literary work of UVA students.

Doing Service Together
(Service Organization)

The purpose of Doing Service Together shall be to encourage academic excellence, a commitment to community service, to encourage leadership and active involvement in political and economic concerns in the United States and abroad and above all to aid…

Feminism Is for Everyone
(Co-curricular Organization)

Feminism is For Everyone (fife for short) is a new feminist group at UVa and the brainchild of a budding feminist community and a conglomoration of prexisting groups.

Know Your Rights
(Political Organization)

The Know Your Rights organization aims to inform all UVa students about their rights concerning police encounters. College life lends itself to sometimes creating unfortunate encounters with police, and UVa students should be well aware of the impac…

Environmental Education and Protection Society
(Co-curricular Organization)

EEPS (founded 2006) is a society established to promote environmental awareness within the University and the surrounding Charlottesville community. This organization holds monthly meetings, hosts guest speakers and collaborates with other environme…

Cavalier Army Cadet Association
(Co-curricular Organization)

The Cadet Association provides funds and activities management for the entire battalion, allocating funds to subgroups for various events. Each class elects representatives to this board. In addition, the Cadet Association provides committee chairs f…

Mambo On2 UVA
(Hobby Organization)

The goal of MAMBO On2 UVA is to introduce and promote New York Style “Salsa On2″ (otherwise known as Mambo) to the UVA community. The club offers dance classes to individuals at all skill levels and is taught by professional mambo instructors. Clas…

Darden Wine And Cuisine Club
(Information/Entertainment Organization)

The Darden Wine and Cuisine Club’s (WACC) mission is to promote the appreciation for and enjoyment of fine wine and cuisine and to provide socially and culturally engaging events.

Hoos for Good Times
(Co-curricular Organization)

Hoos for Good Times Is for all students looking for an alternative to the typical Friday or Saturday night.