FB06-09: Bill to Change Reimbursement Policy | UVA Student Council

Sponsored by Executive Vice President Nicholas Jordan

Whereas, Student Council is responsible for issuing reimbursement checks to Committees for activities, for Student Council Operations, and for Concessions payments to student groups;

Whereas¸ students have taken up to seven months to request reimbursement, which becomes problematic for our budget;

Whereas, requests for reimbursement need to be submitted before the completion of the budget period requested;

Whereas, the current limit placed on reimbursement requests is 60 days after the date of the event.

Be it therefore resolved, reimbursements will be limited to 50 days after the date of the event.

Whereas, the Student Council Chief Financial Officer is directly responsible for timely submission and payment of all reimbursement requests for authorized expenditure of Student Activity Funds,

Whereas¸ some students have delayed their submission of requests for reimbursement to such an extent that it is now problematic for the Chief Financial Officer to make necessary arrangements and to pay these requests before the end of the budget period,

Whereas, it is reasonable to establish a time limit within which all student requests for reimbursement must be submitted to the Chief Financial Officer,

Whereas, fifty calendar days is an adequate amount of time for any students to submit their request for reimbursement of authorized expenditures of Student Activity Funds to the Chief Financial Officer,

Whereas, the Chief Financial Officer should have the discretion to deny any request that is delayed beyond this time constraint without sufficient cause to justify an exemption,

Be it therefore resolved, that any request for reimbursement of Student Activity Funds must be submitted to the Chief Financial Officer no more than 50 calendar days after the event takes place.