FB06-11: Bill to Create an Ad Hoc Committee for a Transparency Campaign | UVA Student Council

Sponsored by Victoria Ingenito

Whereas student council is an integral body to the student experience at UVA and should be clear and approachable for all students.

Whereas the transparency of student council has been a reoccurring issue pointed out on numerous occasions in spring and fall council elections, by student body members, clubs and organizations.

Whereas much of the student body is unaware of the structure and operations of student council.

Whereas an outreach campaign would allow Student Council to reconnect with students who have lost interest in the process of student self-governance because they lack an accurate understanding of the role Student Council and its members play in University life.

Be it therefore resolved that student council create an ad hoc committee to look into ways of increasing the transparency of council with the following primary aims:

  • A)    Draw students into the election process by showing the voting population what is at stake in Student Council elections. This may include topics such as the functions and responsibilities of elected officials and a clear idea of what Student Council can do for the student body.
  • B)    Establish better and easier access, for students, to information on legislation, issues and actions taken by Student Council. Evaluate past effort at achieving transparency and investigate and undertake new avenues of outreach. This will be accomplished in collaboration with existing council positions such as but not limited to the COS, DUR, EVP and CTO.

Be it further resolved that this committee stays in existence until May 2007, updating council on a monthly basis and culminate with a final report.

Victoria Ingenito
A.J. Kornblith
Matt White
Nicholas Jordan