Final Thoughts for 2011 | UVA Student Council

Clearly finals are on my mind. While many of you are already done with this semester – bags packed and headed for home – I am still frequenting Clemons, wishing that I was at least halfway done with my finals. However, this study break has me taking a look back on this semester.

My semester started just like previous semesters; new classes, tons of free time, and great expectations. But my cruise controls for this semester took an unexpected path in the middle of September when I received an email from the EStud president inviting all engineers to apply to become a StudCo representative from the Engineering School. I answered the call of our president, even though I had never been to a StudCo meeting before, because I felt like this would be a great opportunity to give back to a school that provides us with so much.

And boy was I right! Joining up with StudCo has been a great experience. Even though at first it seemed like I was five-year-old trying to listen to the adults talk at the family Thanksgiving dinner, I eventually got into the swing of things. And it is truly amazing the kinds of things that Student Council can accomplish. Thanks to all the hard work from the executive board, representatives, committee chairs, and committee members, we have accomplished a lot this semester. The revitalization of Homecomings was a huge success, HoosForHire gives us an amazing opportunity to connect with the local community (and make some much needed money too!), and I know that I personally have made use of the additional power strips in Clemons.

Coming up next semester: look out for the SEAS 175th Anniversary celebration! Also, I would like to start looking into an idea I had to bridge the gap between the College and E School through the first year Into to Engineering classes. Stay tuned for information in 2012!