First Student-Initiated Course: Global Development in Practice | UVA Student Council

Just a few weeks after announcing Student-Initiated Courses, we already have one listed on the Course Offering Directory. Global Development in Practice (INST 150 for short) will be taught by a group of students from CLAS and SEAS, under the supervision of Professor Bob Swap of Environmental Sciences.

The course will present 1st and 2nd year students with an overview of pressing topics in global development to spur discussion and create collaborative partnerships addressing these issues.  Each class will address a current situation, issue, or problem, investigate theoretical solutions, and culminate with the presentation and analysis of a case study of work completed by UVa students.

Topics to be covered

  • Globalization’s Hand on Natural Resources
  • Water
  • Alternative Energy
  • Private Sector Development and Social Business
  • Development Economics and Microfinance
  • HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and other Pandemics
  • Community Health
  • Child Soldiers and Post-Conflict Recovery/ Disaster Response and Recovery
  • Democracy and Government
  • Global Issues applied to Charlottesville and Local Community

For more information, contact Shokoufeh Dianat or Meredyth Gilmore.