Foxfield FAQ | UVA Student Council

When will I get my ticket?

You will be emailed your ticket by the morning of Saturday, April 25th. Bring your phone to the shuttle and show the ticket to the attendants to get a wristband for boarding the bus. If you don’t receive a ticket by the time you’re off to the shuttle, the original email confirmation that you received will count as a ticket. There will be a master list at the shuttles of the names of those who have purchased tickets.

Where should I go in the morning to board the shuttle?

Nameless Field on University Circle. There will be 4 shuttles at each time slot, so board one of the four. Look for signs that say Student Council Foxfield Shuttles.

Are coolers allowed?

Yes, but alcohol is not allowed on the shuttles.

When do I board the shuttle to go back to Grounds?

You must board the shuttles leaving Foxfield during the time slot that you bought your ticket for.