FR06-01: Resolution to Recognize the Loss of a Member of the University Community | UVA Student Council

Sponsored by Representative President Darius P. Nabors.
Introduced October 3rd, 2006

Whereas, XB Cox, a second year College student at the University of Virginia, died due to lymphomatic leukemia;

Whereas, students of the University have experienced an irreplaceable loss with the absence of his “gregarious and witty nature”;

Whereas, University students share fond memories of his positive attitude, his ability to make a dry class exciting and funny and commitment as a student in the College of Arts and Sciences;

Whereas, many students saw “Boone” as a good friend, an upbeat individual and a valuable member of the University community;

Be it therefore resolved, the University of Virginia Student Council wishes to extend a sincere statement of loss with the death of XB Cox and will seek to recognize such tragic events as being important to the student body in the future.