Getting Things StARTed | UVA Student Council

Hello UVa! My name is Elly Jackson, and this year I am thrilled to serve as a co-chair of the Student Arts Committee along with the lovely Kelsey Petrie.  We are excited to use this blog to inform students about initiatives we are planning with the incredible arts resources available to students at UVA.

Some of you may remember our big initiative from last spring, Arts Madness.  Our committee is already working on Arts Madness for next spring, and we are making some changes based on your feedback!  If you have any suggestions for Arts Madness, I encourage you to submit them on (check it out if you aren’t familiar with it!).  You can also use SpeakUpUVA to contact us about any arts-related issue, or issues pertaining to any of the other StudCo committees!

We are also starting up our Arts Advocates program once again.  Arts Advocates are students who live in dorms who inform their peers about arts events at UVA.  Arts Advocates are passionate about the arts and wish to spread that passion to others.  Applications are available online here and are due on September 14 at 11:59pm.

Did you know that Charlottesville has the only museum of Aboriginal art in the United States?  It’s true! The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection has an exciting opportunity for students this fall.  The museum will host Thursday evening receptions for students called Aussome Thursdays! Students are invited for an hour of free food, music, and Aboriginal art!  A free bus leaves the UVa Chapel at 5:30pm this upcoming Thursday, September 13 and will return to Grounds around 7pm.  For those of you who have never been to Kluge-Ruhe, trust me when I say it is a magical place.

The Student Arts Committee has many wonderful initiatives in store for this semester!  Kelsey and I would love to hear your concerns either on or via email ( or  We look forward to increasing awareness for the arts at UVA!