Apply to be a part of the GIFT Grant!

The Green Initiative Funding Tomorrow Grant is now accepting applications for committee members for the 2014-2015 school year.

What is the GIFT Grant?

The GIFT Grant is a source of funding through which UVa allocates $30,000 to student-initiated projects on Grounds related to sustainability. Since its founding three years ago, the GIFT Grant has funded a total of 24 projects, ranging from energy-generating bicycles in the AFC to composting initiatives in dining halls. The committee consists of two graduate students, five undergraduate students, and three faculty or staff advisers.

What would I do as a committee member?

Committee members are responsible for selecting grantees, managing the allocation of funds, and promoting the success of grant recipients. The committee meets once a week or once every two weeks. Committee members are also assigned individual roles, such as outreach, media and graphics, and monitoring design.

How can I apply?

Applications are due by Monday September 22nd at midnight and can be found at this link:

Please email the GIFT Chair Story Hinckley if you have any questions (


The Green Initiative Funding Tomorrow (GIFT) Grant Allocation Program is a new way to secure financial support for sustainable initiatives around grounds.  The Grant Committee has been given the responsibility of distributing $30,000 per year for sustainable initiatives at the University of Virginia. Any University member may apply for funds, including individual students, faculty or staff, and student organizations, and projects must include student participation.  Multiple projects are funded each year.  Check out GIFT’s Proposal Criteria below.

Congratulations to the GIFT Grant recipients for the 2013-2014 application round:

- Community Garden Composting

- Bike Lights Distribution

- Zero Waste Athletics

- Retrofit Drinking Fountains

- Refreshing First Coffee

- Newcomb Composting

- Hereford Rain Garden

- Redefining Transportation

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