GIFT Grant Committee Member Application | UVA Student Council

Apply to be a part of the GIFT Grant!

The Green Initiative Tomorrow Grant is now accepting applications for committee members for the 2014-2015 school year.

What is the GIFT Grant?

The GIFT Grant is a source of funding through which UVa allocates $30,000 to student-initiated projects on Grounds related to sustainability. Since its founding three years ago, the GIFT Grant has funded a total of 24 projects, ranging from energy-generating bicycles in the AFC to composting initiatives in dining halls. The committee consists of two graduate students, five undergraduate students, and a three faculty or staff advisers.

What would I do as a committee member?

Committee members are responsible for selecting grantees, managing the allocation of funds, and promoting the success of grant recipients. The committee meets once a week or once every two weeks. Committee members are also assigned individual roles, such as outreach, media and graphics, and monitoring design.

How can I apply?

Applications are due by Monday September 22nd at midnight and can be found at this link:

Please email the GIFT Chair Story Hinckley if you have any questions (