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November 8th, 2013
To the Class of 2014:
As many of you already know, the University’s financial aid program has recently undergone some major changes. AccessUVa aid packages for the lowest income students previously did not include loans. Instead, a student’s education was financed through grants and work study. With the new modifications, loans have been introduced with a cap of $28,000 in loan debt after four years. 
These changes are a significant blow to a landmark University institution.
But we can bring it back.
While the program was changed due to funding hurdles (more information, increased student attention will help to make it a very high-impact area in fundraising and state lobbying. Right now, many alumni don’t know that this is something students care about—most  graduated before the program began nine years ago. 
So let’s make it happen.
Student Council is asking 100% of fourth years giving back to allocate a part of their gift to AccessUVa, so that we can send a message that this is something that matters to us. The statistic “All fourth-years who gave back allocated some of their gift to AccessUVA” makes a powerful statement.
So please, a gift of $3, $5, or any amount you can manage will make a huge difference. While the money we raise might not solve the problem, the statement we make to the University, our alumni, and the state might:
“We care about the University, and AccessUVa needs to be a top priority.”

You can make or pledge your gift online now at: 

For the Self-Governed,
Eric McDaniel,
President, University of Virginia Student Council