Hoos Connecting: Politics | UVA Student Council
Hello everyone!
To those who are reading this blogpost, thanks for keeping updated with what Student Council is doing. With this, I hope to you excited for some of our initiatives and interested in making sure we do a great job for you this year!
The point of this post is to briefly share one of our new initiatives with you. Academic Affairs is starting up a seminar series that will connect student leaders of various groups on Grounds and sometimes professors or members of the community to have engaged discussions on topics related to their organizations. Hoos Connecting is an initiative of UVA Student Council, Open Grounds, and the Leadership Network designed to facilitate open discussions around relevant contemporary topics between these leaders at the University. These discussions will take the form of intra or interdisciplinary seminar series which will aim to produce fruitful discussion and positive solutions to current issues.
Our first seminar series is fitting for this time of the year, election season, and is called Hoos Connecting: Politics
In hopes of encouraging discussion between political organizations on Grounds during this upcoming election season, we are presenting Hoos Connecting: Politics. This production will be a four part series promoting discussion between student leaders from political organizations at the University.
The seminars will be: Domestic Policy on October 16th, Foreign Policy on October 23rd, Public Perception of Politics on October 30th, and an Election Wrap-Up on November 13th.
Here is how the student body has a chance to participate!
Please email questions pertaining to the week’s topic that you’d like to hear discussed to hoosconnecting@virginia.edu. We ask that questions are submitted by Saturday at midnight prior to each seminar. These questions will be given to the seminar participants who will come to the seminar to discuss and respond to submitted questions.
Each seminar will be filmed and uploaded to the OpenGrounds and Student Council YouTube Channels where students can watch the participants answer the questions and, upon viewing, participate in a discussion online that is open to the entire student body and community.
For more information and dates, please visit the www.facebook.com/hoosconnecting or hoosconnecting.wordpress.com
We hope that you will stay tuned into this series and that it helps you become more educated about the election and what our student leaders think! Please feel free to send us any suggestions on Hoos Connecting or ideas you may have for other seminar series!
Thanks for reading and enjoy Homecomings!