Hoos Environment is it Anyways? | UVA Student Council

Hello Wahoo veterans and first years,

Welcome back to grounds! My name is Nicole Bedoya and I am Co-chair of Environmental Sustainability with the amazing Ashlyn McCurley. We are so excited to be a part of the strong group of leaders in Student Council this year and encourage everyone to check out the committee that interests them. The truth is we are here to work for you, and empower your ideas.

This year, Environmental Sustainability’s presence will see significant growth. We have some great new initiatives that affect both the University’s future, and directly improve student’s lives. For example, one project includes a University-wide reusable bag designed by one of you! Another thing we are excited about is working with other committees. ES is teaming up with Buildings and Grounds to empower the idea of a Bike Share Program. As you can imagine this allows many different student groups (A school to Environmental Sciences) to work together.

What’s all work and no play though? Raising awareness of Environmental Sustainability on grounds by involving different audiences is a key factor in our agenda for the year. We’ll be supporting Homecoming Week , Arts Madness Week, as well as other groups with an Environmentally themed event!

The committee is ready to go, and the only thing left to do is hear from you. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email either Ashlyn or myself.


Nicole Bedoya and Ashlyn McCurley
Environmental Sustainability Co-Chairs