Saving Money with StudCo | UVA Student Council

Student Council works constantly to improve the lives of students in the University. Over the past two months, some of our committees have worked to address financial concerns students have as they attempt to balance tuition, textbooks, and living expenses. In this light, we are very excited to unveil two new programs:, and U.Va Student Deals.

Hoos for Hire is a service all about finding once-off or part-time employment for U.Va. students. is a place where students can post skills (tutoring, computer help, babysitting, etc.), and Charlottesville residents can contact them about employment. Similarly, people in the Charlottesville in the community can post jobs they need done (yard work, babysitting, snow shoveling, etc.), for students to take up. Think of it as Craigslist, but legitimate.

Check it out:

One of the biggest expenses students incur is food. In that light, Student Council is proud to announce Student Deals. Every week, get discounts and offers from local restaurants and stores you already know and love. This week’s offer? A $20 Dinner from Backyard for $10 (Entree +Appetizer). It’s a great way to save money on meals, without sacrificing quantity or quality. Sign up for the deals email at the sight below. Plus, the money you save goes to funding even more of these discounts, and other great StudCo projects to improve life around Grounds.

Check it out:

These are just two ways we are working to improve life around Grounds. If you have any other great ideas, make sure to speak up at We are constantly responding to concerns and have already completed over 50 suggestions this year.