House Bill Threatening AccessUVA Amended to Remove Financial Aid Restrictions | UVA Student Council

The Legislative Affairs committee has spent the past few weeks organizing against Delegate David Albo’s proposed HB 1410. The bill would have destroyed AccessUVA and mandated a 75:25 out-of-state to in-state admission ratio. They organized a meeting with various organizations on Grounds to coordinate the student response, resulting in: a UDEMS letter campaign producing 65 letters, an MRC/UFUSED phone banking, and a couple dozen Albo constituents emailing him requests to withdraw the bill. Former Chair of the Representative Body Brett Curtis and two members of the committee went to Richmond to testify on the bill before the legislature, when Albo then amended his legislation to remove the financial aid restriction.

Members of Legislative Affairs also traveled to Richmond on Friday to reiterate our opposition to the new proposal of a 70:30 admission ratio.