COMING SOON to Clemons: "Identity" | UVA Student Council
The Student Arts Committee is gearing up for the best semester ever!  We cannot wait to share our initiatives with the University community and broaden the presence of the arts on Grounds this spring.
You might remember that last year Sarah Steely wrote what some might call a Clemons Manifesto entitled “I Love Clemons” (which I highly recommend you read).  If you share Sarah’s sentiment that Club Clem is the best, brace yourself, because the Student Arts Committee proudly presents a new student art show in Clemons focused on the theme of “Identity.”

Our goal is to add a new dimension to Clemons Library and make it partly into a gallery of student art.  This opportunity is unlike anything else on Grounds as student artwork will be featured in a highly trafficked University building.
The art will be on display during the spring semester, and we’re looking forward to changing out the art each semester.  So come be a part of the beginning of what we hope to be a new tradition in Student Arts.
We are open to submissions of any type of medium and welcome multiple pieces from one artist.  The theme “Identity” is meant to inspire and not limit!
The deadline for Clemons gallery submissions has been extended to Wednesday, January 30!
Click here for proposal applications and more information!
Look for the new show around February 10th.